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Riffin' with Brittain: A Comedy Experience!

“Riffin’ With Brittain”, this show is intended for adult consumption, and it will feature a variety of stand-up comedy tweaks. “I look at stand-up comedy as a conversation,” says the show’s creator and host, Regi Brittain. “With this show, both sides in that conversation actually get a voice.” Brittain adds, “I know that we are taking a risk, but we comedians are a risk-taking bunch! People will love coming to our show and interacting with us. And of course, that interaction is optional -- up to the audience member.”

Each month, the show will feature several professional comedians from near and far. Mostly, the audience will be asked to submit comedic ideas to the show’s grab bag or to suggest a topic for “standprov”, which is stand-up improv. The last comedian of the night will perform a fluid, unscripted “crowd work” set in which audience members will be encouraged to give verbal feedback to the person onstage. Says Brittain, “I love to get up there and just flow at the Marquis. I’ve performed crowd work there before. It’s fun!”